Land Rover Discovery 4 armored version

NewsOn January 3, 2011 at 8:06 am

Land Rover has something that has always fascinated the English in the UK, and for this reason the manufacturer is offering Discovery 4 wrapped in a protective amour.

The special Land Rover Discovery 4 will be attracting selected customers. Land Rover will be offering the amour version of the Discovery in its native country.

The Discovery 4 in the US is called the LR4, features shields that will be protecting its customers from minor but deadly blasts and the armor is subjected to stop bullets from small rifles and assault weapons.

The armor covered on the Land Rover Discovery 4 meets European standards. The armor is capable enough to protect from minor blasts but can’t expect to survive for long till Army gets called in. the armor spread under the body is strong enough to survive two blasts of hand grenades.

If we keep the armor shield aside, the Land Rover Discovery 4 is similar to the LR4 in the US. Under the hood lays a 5.0 liter V8 that throws out 370 horsepower and 376 lb ft of torque. Generated power is sent to all the four wheels through 6 speed automatic transmission. The modification comes in the suspension area. After wearing heavy armor shield the LR4 becomes heavier to carry the heavy stuff Land Rover changed its springs to much larger ones, beefier anti role bars and retuned dampers. Fully ready Land Rover Discovery 4 weighs 7800 pounds.

Modification is not only in the vehicle but also in its sales process. Manufacturer has arranged for special staffs that are consultants will be handy though out the order process and they will also provide an optional driver training program. Special drivers training for the ride will bring out the most from the armored vehicle. Other security features on the LR4 includes under cover blue lights, fire proof system under the hood, siren system, intercom, tinted windows, anti theft protection and rear hatch glass.

To design this armored Discovery 4, Land Rover has consulted Centigon a security firm.

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